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Our Company

Lomansys focuses on management consultancy and transportation management implementation projects.

Business process management is the expression of your strategies and how your company delivers value to your customers in line with its strategies. We help our clients to define their business process management methodology and build related performance management systems and organizational design needs. We deliver process improvement opportunities, system requirements, people needs and help you to build your company's future.

Commercial transportation has become an extremely complex process involving worldwide networks of shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) moving raw materials, parts, and finished goods along global supply chains. This, combined with ever increasing demands from customers for greater transportation efficiency, requires greater accuracy, speed, and flexibility to manage all the complexity.

The SAP® Transportation Management (SAP TM) application helps organizations achieve superior customer satisfaction levels by delivering the order on-time, reduce transportation costs, and improve logistics readiness, flexibility, and efficiency. SAP TM supports integrated storage, fulfillment, and transportation processes with no data redundancy and reduced integration risk with other SAP components. SAP TM enables you to manage all inbound and outbound domestic and international freight in the same environment and provides traceability and visibility of orders, shipments and items. SAP TM also offers tools for reporting and analysis, and supports regulatory compliance.

Lomansys has experienced consultants with deep business expertise providing management consultancy service to analyze all company processes and build target process models. While analyzing business process models, our consultants understand strategy, works on inefficiences in all aspects and build solutions for our clients challanges. Organizational models, permanent stuff analysis and performance managements systems are next services we provide to build an efficient working environment.

We deliver end-to-end SAP TM business solution right from conceptualization to implementation which correlate with your business objectives and focus on enhancing your transportation productivity and reducing your transportation costs. With in-depth industry experience, business insight, we want to help you make the correct technology investments which are maximizing your transportation business performance.