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SAP Transportation Management

Transportation costs have become an important factor in our economy. This is caused by increasing fuel costs, highly increased customer service expectations and demand to move goods within a more and more globalized business environment. Furthermore, the transportation market is highly competitive, which tends to lead to low margins in this sector. Rising transportation volumes along with all those business requirements drive transportation companies to plan their transportation needs and operate private fleets efficiently, either as manufacturer or retailer or as a logistics service provider.

Managing the complexities of transportation requires a powerful transportation management system (TMS) that provides the functional support for your individual transportation processes and network.

SAP TM enables you to manage all inbound and outbound domestic and international freight in the same environment and provides traceability of charges and visibility of vehicles, orders, shipments, items, and logistics processes.

With the new SAP Transportation Management Solution TM 9.0, SAP customers can now manage all Supply Chain Processes end-to-end and fully integrated to gain better control over local and global transportation activities while reducing cost through optimizer planning, visibility and integration in real time.

LoManSys focuses deeply on supporting customers to take full advantage of SAP's TM Solution. In close collaboration with SAP, we help customers solve issues ranging from system and hardware selection, system implementation and integration with 3rd party solutions and custom extensions. Our SAP TM Expert team can provide you with hands-on TM experience for real-life transportation challenges to deliver you faster and deeper SAP TM benefits.