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SAP Event Management

SAP Event Management is the application within the mySAP SCM solutions that provides visibility within your logistic processes, both in planning and in execution. The flexibility of the application enables you to map, control, and check all required business processes.

The role-based approach of SAP EM makes it possible to view same business processes from various point of view:

* As a manufacturer, you are interested in to know whether the different service providers have delivered your orders on time and in the correct quantity.

* As a transportation service provider, you are interested to know where a vehicle or a specific order is located at a certain point of time.

* As an individual customer, you are interested in to know when the supplier will deliver the order.

You can use SAP EM to process all those type of messages about the events in your transportation business processes.

You can also use SAP EM in all planning and execution processes within logistics such as procurement, manufacturing, order fulfillment and asset management.